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We live and breathe fishing floats

Premier Floats is one of if not the last of the major fishing float making companies that is still producing all of its products here in the UK.

Is that important? Well, yes it is. It means that the Premier products you buy are designed and made in the UK to do a specific job and work in a particular way. They can be copied, of course, but as with any copy, can you be sure that all of the important features are retained?

As we enter further into the year we have some updates planned to our website. We will be simplifying some of the menu structures and adding some much clearer product information. New Locslide, Tipmaster and feeder fishing videos are planned which, we’re sure, will help you to enhance your skills. Until then don’t forget that by viewing ‘Our Products’ and clicking on a chosen fishing float you can follow the links to some very informative shotting and rig diagrams!

This year we have added some float selections to our online fishing float shop that are aimed specifically at novice anglers. There is a great and highly affordable choice that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Through our videos and written articles you can gain some more knowledge and the confidence to try new things but don’t forget that a fantastic source of information on methods, venues, baits and tackle is your local tackle shop!

For those times when your local retailer doesn’t have the Premier float that you need then you can follow the ‘buy’ links on our product pages to the secure Premier on-line shop, Premier Fishing Floats, where you will find the full range of our fishing floats along with some associated products such as catapults, split shot, feeders and more.

Adventures of a River Piker
river piker

Nathan Edgell, our sponsored pike angler, is still having great success. You can follow his exploits and see pictures of his latest catches, including a cracking 25lb river pike, on Facebook.


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