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Standard starlites

  • Standard starlites

Standard starlites

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Starlite  Night Lights

SL-1 Standard

Starlites have been used to catch fish in low light and after dark for many years.

Starlites work on the simple principle of two non-toxic chemicals inside a plastic tube separated by a wall of glass. When the Starlite is bent this wall breaks, mixing the chemicals and causing a reaction resulting in powerful glow which lasts between four and six hours.

Visible at up to 30 yards, Starlites have many uses in angling, from fixing to floats or bobbins to wrapping around rod tips.

These SL1 standard Starlites are 4.5 mm diameter and will fit the Premier Chemi-lite waggler range.

SL-5 Mini

With the same properties as the standard Starlite but with a smaller diameter which is great for fitting in to things such as drop-off indicators and alike.
Supplied in a pack of 2 pieces.
These SL5 standard Starlites are 3.0 mm diameter

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