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Premier Giant Feeder Float

  • Premier Giant Feeder Float

Premier Giant Feeder Float

Brand:Premier Floats & Tackle
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Premier Giant Feeder Float.

A float designed to deliver bait exactly where you cast, every time!. The feeder float is at home in either rivers or lakes and its pre-loading means it casts well too. Ideal for use with maggots or other small baits. 

Features a 25mm diameter feeder in 2 lengths.

Sizes: No.1 & No.2.

Giant Feeder Floats.

We all know the problems that occur when trying to catapult small loose feed baits into a strong wind, or to a distance target area. Although some reach the target the vast majority are spread over a wide area and consequently so are the fish. The Feeder float is specifically designed for using small particle baits such as hemp, casters, maggots or small pellets and placing them into a tight area, along with your hook bait. As the floats primary purpose is to deliver loose feed, it follows that fishing a slow sinking hook bait in the upper layers can be extremely successful although, it can also be fished at full depth in water up to 7-8ft. Deep and in particular in swims where tight feeding is necessary, such as features where catapulting is not efficient enough. The float is designed to carry a small amount of shot. This is useful when fishing deep as shot down the line will get the hook bait down quicker and help to stabilise it. Any shot not required can be bulked directly under the base of the float.


The rate that feed drops from the float can be varied. To decrease the feed rate simply tape over some of the holes, alternatively to use larger feed such as corn or pellets simply open up the holes on the bottom of the feeder.


Setting up the float is simple. Place on the main line a strong quick change adaptor and always place a match size swivel between the main line and hook length. This will help avoid line twist which can be a annoying at the best of times. Hook lengths should be of a lighter breaking strain than the main line and around 12 inches(30cm) long. Strong hooks in sizes 16-12 complete the business end. Now attach the feeder float of your choice via the quick change adaptor, bait up your hook, fill up the feeder and start fishing.

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