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Fishing Floats Set

At Premier Fishing Floats we literally live and breathe fishing floats. Our new Fishing Floats Sets are exclusive to us and totally British made.

These fishing float are of the highest quality so you can be assured that they will act just as you would expect. Great for anglers of all abilities, these float sets have been compiled to cover most float fishing situations on rivers and lakes and will make a fantastic addition to any tackle collection. Great quality and superb value for money.

We have float sets ranging from Specialist River and Stillwater selections to the fantastic value stillwater bumper float set and the bumper river float set. Our selections will suit anglers of all abilities and some even include a free float storage tube and disgorger!

Pellet Waggler Fishing Floats

Pellet Waggler Fishing Float

Fishing floats and in particular Pellet Wagglers from Premier Floats are among the very best available in todays market place.

All loaded Pellet Wagglers are fully loaded and self cocking and so no extra weight need be added to the line. The loaded models are by far the more popular but for those of you that prefer unloaded floats there are some of those here too.

Locslide Fishing Floats

Locslide fishing float

The ‘Loc’ on the bottom of these floats allows for fishing at any depth in slow moving or still waters. The models range from the Wagglers which are ideal for the deeper swims while the smaller Canal Dibbers and Canal Wagglers are well suited to the shallower waters.

There are even pike fishing models which are equally at home when legering for carp. The floats come with full instructions. These floats make a great addition to any fishing tackle collection.


Mushroom Pellet Waggler Fishing Floats

Mushroom Pellet Waggler fishing float

Designed by Premier Floats, one of the top fishing float manufacturers in the UK, the ‘mushroom’ top on these carp wagglers gives a distinct advantage over a straight float.

The resistance given by the top acts as a bolt rig and can help to increase hooking rates, especially when fishing at distance. The Mushroom Special Pellet Waggler is great in windy conditions as its increased length gives superb stability and helps beat the surface drift.


Swing & Quiver Tip Fishing Floats

This popular range of quality British made 'solid glass' tips is made using only the best materials. All eyes are chromed for protection from the elements. The screw fittings feature adjustment to ensure the end eye in in correct alignment with the rod tip.

The Premier ranges of Snap Tackle are available in the most popular sizes and all use extra strong chemically sharpened hooks, power swivels and seven strand trace wire. However, if making your own quality snap tackle or wire trace is your thing, you can also find all the parts you will need under the Premier brand.