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River Float Fishing

There are many options available when choosing river fishing floats. Here are a few to consider: 

Bolognese Style Float

This is an over-sized version of the Avon. Whilst the Avon is for close in work, the Bolognese lets you fish much further out and into deeper water. A difference between the two is the length of the tip. It’s longer which improves visibility at distance, allowing better bite detection. The rods for Bolognese are generally longer than average due to fishing deeper swims. The extra length provides you with better control. 

Alloy Stemmed Avon

This is a heavyweight cousin of the stick float family! It’s designed to be used whilst fishing at a close range in fast water. The shoulder is ideal for holding back slowing or stopping the hook bait. However, it can be very impressive when allowed to run through at the same speed as the flow. 

Specialist Alloy Stemmed Avon

This float is an over-sized version of the standard Avon. However, the standard Avon is suited for close in work. The Specialist Avon, similar to the Bolognese Float, lets you fish further out and into deeper water. The length of the tip is longer and it’s thicker as the size of the float gets bigger. This provides better visibility at a distance which means better bite detection! The rods for fishing the big Avon are generally longer due to fishing deeper swims. This means better control when further out. 

Shouldered Alloy Stemmed Sticks

The shoulder on this float allows for perfect bait presentation whilst the alloy stem helps to achieve perfect balance. The heavier sizes are well suited to faster rivers such as the Avon or Severn with the smaller to mid-sized models being the top choice for slower moving, more shallow waters. 

Domed Alloy Stemmed Sticks 

The Domed Alloy Stick is well suited to turbulent waters. The larger top helps to prevent the float from dipping and is highly visible whilst the alloy stem gives good stability. 


Even in a strong downstream, wind floats such as these allow you to slow the bait down without the float dipping under. The high weight capacity of these floats goes to aid control. 

Special Domed Sticks

A very popular float for fast, smooth and flowing waters. This float features a highly visible buoyant top. This pattern of float suits the ‘shirt button’ style of shooting particularly well. However, it also performs superbly with the bulk shot down the line.

All items mentioned are available to view/purchase on our website, via clicking the above title links,  where you can also find detailed shotting patterns, rig diagrams and tips.

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