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Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, our float sets are ideal for fishing lovers! They’re British made, of the highest quality and are suitable for all abilities. Find out more below about the different float sets we have available:

25 Assorted River and Lake Fishing Floats 

This fishing float set contains 25 assorted river and lake fishing floats. It’s ideal for anglers of all abilities, from beginner upwards. These floats are made from high-quality materials and are finished with visible fluorescent tops. The set includes a free disgorger and robust float storage tube. This would make a brilliant addition to any fishing tackle box. 

Premier Still Water Float Selection

The Premier Still Water Float Selection includes 11 floats which are supplied in a free robust float storage tube. These floats are suitable for float fishing in lakes and slow moving waters. This comprehensive float selection also has models that will cover many aspects of still water fishing! This set is ideal for anglers of all abilities. 

Pellet Waggler Float Selection

This set includes 6 loaded and unloaded pellet waggler floats, supplied in a free robust float storage tube. The straight pellet wagglers are a popular choice, whilst the splashers are excellent at making fish attracting splashes. These floats are suitable to be used by anglers of all abilities.

Premier River Float Fishing Kit 

River fishing requires specialist floats, different from those used in still waters. Our Premier River Float Fishing Kit contains 11 floats designed to help anglers get the best from their fishing. The kit comes complete with a free tough float storage tube. Also, the kit includes a selection of terminal tackle that is necessary for any successful coarse angler!

All products mentioned are available to purchase on our website, where more float sets can be found. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!