Locslide Leger Float Rig Diagram

Originally developed by former World Champion, Dave Thomas, for fishing a static bait in lakes, drains and slow moving rivers. Many anglers consider the method to be the most important innovation since the swing-tip. Like all good ideas these floats are simple to use, allowing you to fish at any depth of water using either a bomb or feeder.

Follow the rig diagram and the instructions below and you'll quickly realise just how enjoyable leger float fishing can be.


1. Thread the float onto the main line via the locking device ( neat loc ) at the base of float.

2. Now attach a no.6 shot (or leger stop) to the main line.

3. Finally attach a bomb or feeder as normal ensuring that the no.6 shot (or leger stop) is approximately 2ft(60cm) above the bomb/feeder weight.

4. Allow the float to slide down to the no.6 shot (or leger stop).Bait up and now you are ready to cast to your chosen area.

5. When the feeder/bomb reaches the bottom allow the line to remain slack, until the float slides to the surface.

6. With the rod tip just under the surface, set the float by winding forward.

7. Place rod in a rest and adjust the amount of float tip showing by use of the reel. Backwind slightly to show more tip. Wind forward to make the float tip sit lower in the water.

8. When retrieving from deeper water simply wind through the ’neat loc ’ to land your fish. Now repeat the process from 4.

Bites are positive, the float will either slide under, or rise up out of the water. Whatever happens strike and the fish will be on.