Pellet Waggler Rig Diagram

Pellet Waggler Rig Diagram.

Pellet waggler fishing is a simple method that has the potential to net you a fantastic haul of carp. Simply follow the rig shown in the diagram and you're already most of the way there. Using a kwik-change pellet waggler adaptor to attach your float to the line is advisable as this will enable you to change depth or float in seconds!

Set your depth to about 60cm(2 feet), pick a spot you want to fish and cast your float to it. Now using a catapult begin feeding a few pellets(5 or 6) at a time around your float. Often a 6mm pellet for your hook and feed is good but you can always try 4mm feed pellets.

Remember! Keep your feeding as accurate as you can. You don't want the pellets to be spread over too wide an area spreading the fish around. dont worry if you're not accurate straight away. It comes with a little practice. If you haven't had a bite within, say, a minute then just lift your rod tip a little, moving the float closer to you by around a metre. This will make the pellet rise in the water and its often as it falls that the carp will strike.

Repeat the rod lift a couple more times if you haven't had a bite, waiting 30 seconds to a minute each time between lifts. If after several casts you are still without a bite then try setting your float depth a little deeper and keep repeating the process until you find the depth that the fish are feeding at.

In windy conditions you'll benefit from using a mushroom pellet waggler with its domed top which helps it beat the wind.

Top Tips!  Remember to keep feeding. A few pellets little and often should keep the fish coming.

                   Use a float heavy enough to make casting easy.