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Premier Strategic Wide Boy Pike Slider

  • Premier Strategic Wide Boy Pike Slider

Premier Strategic Wide Boy Pike Slider

Brand:Premier Floats & Tackle
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Premier Strategic Wide Boy Pike Slider

The British made Fat Boy Slider is a perfect all-round sliding float for live or dead bait fishing.

The carefully selected balsa wood gives the float superb balance for great bait presentation with the large diameter top giving good buoyancy. The centre tube has a diameter that makes line threading a breeze and the sliding of the float smooth and snag free. The large capacity of these sliders makes them perfect for use with mid-sized and larger baits.

Finished in a matt green with a fluorescent red top these are serious floats for serious pike anglers.

Sizes. 20gr, 30gr & 40gr.


When fishing a river for pike, trotting a live or dead bait can be a very rewarding method. By keeping your tackle to a minimum you will be able to cover a large area, with the added advantage that it will keep you warm on a cold day. The set up is identical to the free roving rig other than you may need to use a larger float to combat the strength of flow. You may also need to place a bead and sliding stop knot below the float as well as the usual one above it. With this arrangement the stop knot above the float sets the depth, the bottom stop knot, as long you are not fishing very deep can lock the float. This is very useful when holding back as the main line will not slide back through the float, an advantage should you wish to take longer to explore close to pike holding areas. Hooking the top treble into the upper lip of the live bait, with the bottom treble in the flank is the accepted method, although an increasing number of anglers are using two small fish hooked through the lip only, one on each treble. Maybe two fish are more attractive or give better vibrations, any variation that catches should be explored. When fishing a dead bait it is helpful to impart movement to the bait, simply check the float on its downstream run and the bait will rise, release the float and the bit will sink. With practice not only can you ësink and drawí on the downstream run, but also on the retrieve. Adding some shot above and close to the top treble can help when using this method.


Very much a simple set up for use with live bait in still waters, drains and slow moving rivers, allowing free movement of the bait fish. As the live bait is tethered to a certain degree, its vibrations will imitate an injured fish which hopefully will attract a big fat hungry pike, An uptrace is normally incorporated into a live baiting rig, simply to ensure that attacking pike do not strike and bite your main line. A wire uptrace is simply 20-24inches(60cm) of 20-25lbs multi-stranded wire with a swivel on one end and a snap link on the other. The swivel is tied to the main line with the snap link to the hook trace. Quite often you will need to place weights on the uptrace, commercial quick change weights are easily available and it is good practice to make up a number of uptraces incorporating quick change spigots on them. Pass your main line, 15-20lbs, through a small bead and through the float then tie to the uptrace swivel. Attach the other end of the uptake, the snap link, to the wire hook trace of you choice. Now all that is required is to tie a sliding stop knot onto your main line using power gum or light pole elastic. Remembering that it must be above the bead. Having decided on the bait size you will now need to place a quick change weight at the join of the uptrace and hook trace, ensuring that it is large enough to cock the float and keep the bait down to the required depth. The depth being fished can, at times, be critical as pike like to feed in a comfort zone. This can be from 2ft down to 20ft plus. If there are signs of pike striking in the upper water, then start with a shallow rig. When there are no signs then begin close to the bottom and work up the layers but donít be too eager to alter the depth, first cover the swim as much as possible. Take note of features such as weed beds, bridges, fallen trees and other obstructions, all pike holding places. An agitated fish often transmits it movements to the float, a sure sign that a predator is in the area. When the pike strikes the float may bob and lay flat or it may just sail away. Strike quickly as deep hooked pike can suffer greatly. This set up can also be used to fish a dead bait. Allow the bait to settle. Moving the float will impart movement to the bait, almost a sink and draw method, and often induce a strike.


In general terms live bait catches more pike than dead baits. Unfortunately there are occasions when live bait cannot be obtained easily, or the water you are fishing bans the use of live bait. In this situation you have no choice but to use dead course fish ,or shop bought fresh or frozen sea baits. Most tackle shops carry a range of frozen baits and if asked will normally suggest which bait is fishing best for the area you are visiting. Static dead bait legering is a popular way to fish for pike, made more interesting by using a float, at least you have something to look at. Float legering is usually done with a waggler type float, that is fished bottom end only. The choice of waggler used will be your own personal preference, but should be allied to suit the prevailing conditions. Basically there are two versions of Wagglers, unloaded and loaded, some are fitted with vanes for added visibility at long range. The loaded type are best used in choppy conditions or when fishing from a boat as the loading in the float keeps it visible at all times. They also allow for less weight down the line which is very useful over weed or silt. The unloaded versions are usually used in conjunction with a running leger, the weight of which will be decided by casting distance or flow. In both cases after plumbing, the depth is set by a bead and sliding stop knot above the float.

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